Style rebels Vetements sew up haute couture

Posted on 11 june 2016 by Admin   |  Fashion Clothes, Women 11

Rebel brand name Vetements sent style into a spin Sunday with a haute couture reveal that broke all the guidelines, appropriating clothes and shoes from 17 other brands and pluz size designer clothing re-cutting them in its own irreverent neo-Soviet street style.

The most talked about brand name in style had actually been invited to reveal as a visitor in the elite, distinctively Parisian occasions, viewed as the pinnacle of exclusive made-to-measure clothing.

However instead of acquiescing couture's near century-long tradition of handmade artistry, Vetements employed brands as diverse as Levi's, Mackintosh and Brioni to supply them with their trademark garments which they then remade.

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Ab Fab? No sweetie darling, it extremely almost ruined me: The real-life fashion Public Relations who motivated Ab Fab recoils her method through the brand-new film and says the truth was even crazier

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Last Friday, I signed up with the cinema throngs to view Jennifer Saunders play style PR guru Edina Monsoon.

The Absolutely Fabulous film is undeniably fun, but I couldn’t assistance wincing as Edina unintentionally stumbled onto the catwalk of a top London fashion program, wearing an extremely tight smock and pants, an ostentatious designer locket and a huge hat shaped like a bird s nest.

Minutes later, she and Patsy stumbled over to their seats - and selfishly pushed all the models and celebrities off the front row.

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Why Do Women's Tennis Shoe Options Suck a lot?

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My partner and I recently returned from a long-planned journey to Texas and other parts of the South. In addition to a list of barbecue joints and rib shacks, we were armed with a list of sneaker and streetwear shops to strike up during our journey. Because we’re from New Zealand, a relative tennis shoe black hole when it pertains to exclusive drops and limited edition releases, we were keen to make one of the most of the cornucopia of kicks available to us in the United States.

The first store we visited was in Austin, Texas. Walking in, I clocked three walls and 2 tables of tennis shoes, a lot of which I hadn’t seen in anything other than pixel type. Practically rubbing my hands with glee, I asked the guys working there which was the women’s section.

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